Discover how healthier you are and be rewarded with 5% offyour life insurance premiums with MLC Insurance

To participate in the program, you’ll need your own wearable fitness tracker and acompatible smart device that will record your activity information.

You’ll receive5% off your premiums for the first 12 months just for signing up to MLCOn Track when you apply for an eligible MLC Life Insurance policy.

It’s the life insured who participates in the program. So, if the policy owner and life insuredare different people, the person insured is the one who needs to consent to the program.

Enjoy a year-on-year discount when you meet your step target

To encourage you to make walking part of your daily routine, we’ll extend your 5%discount each year if you meet your annual step target.To continue receiving your 5% discount each year, you must meet the step target withinthe program’s 40-week period

For example, you will need to meet your step target in the first year to continue the 5%

discount in the second year and then meet your step target

  • Weekly target 37,500 steps per week.
  • The program lasts for 40 weeks, commencingon the day your policy becomes active.
  • You need to achieve your weekly targetfor 30 out of the 40 weeks.

Life Insurance Advice

Protecting your loved ones, family and your income is also our consideration while making a personalized financial plan for you.

We can establish a plan to protect the family home and lifestyle in the event of total permanent disability, terminal illness or death, out of pocket expenses due to critical illness and proportionate replacementof your income due to serious illness or injury. For more information please

Investment Management

We can help to determine your financial goals and prioritize those goals in short, medium and long-term as per your financial circumstances and comfort level.

We can develop investment strategies customized to your specific requirements considering your risk portfolio and can extend to any or a mix of all asset classes including cash, equities, bonds, property, shares, and others.

Our advice is concise, clear and will make you confident about your investment choices. For more information please