Privacy Policy

We will need to find out your individual objectives, financial situation and needs before we recommend any financial product to you. You have the right not to divulge this information to us, if you do not wish to do so. In that case, we are required to warn you about the possible consequences of us not having your full personal information. You should read the warnings carefully.

We are committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of the personal and financial information you give us. Keeping this information private is very important to us. If you want to access your personal information, please let your adviser know.

Maxviser Financial Services in association with Australia Pacific Funds Management is required, pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act [AML/CTF] and its corresponding rules and regulations, to implement certain customer identification processes. We may be required to obtain information about you at the time of providing financial services to you and from time to time thereafter in order to meet our obligations.

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